Blue Ribbon Commission on the Future of the Bar Exam Update.

Lawyers for Fair Reciprocal Admission Public Comment for October 13, 2022 Hearing Suggesting the BRC Should Recommend Admission on Motion for Out-Of- State Attorneys with Three of Experience and Exhibit In Support.

Letter to BRC Oct 11 2022. pdf

Lawyers United Inc. has submitted evidence proving the 100% subjective California Bar Exam for already licensed attorneys is not a valid or reliable test; that it has a standard error of measurement shoddier than .48, and the results of this putative licensing test is no admissible in evidence.


We need your help in bringing the practice of law into the 21st Century. IF you want to get fully admitted as a member of the California bar or you are already a member and want to gain reciprocal licensing in another state – we are talking to YOU. Whether YOU are a non-ABA graduate, or YOU don’t want to take another bar exam, or YOU are already partially licensed as inhouse counsel, a military spouse, or an indigent services attorney —  Your rights and freedoms are at stake.  The California Blue Ribbon Commission  is studying the attorney licensing process.  Lawyers United has been providing written public comments to the BRC requesting California to provide reciprocal licensing to YOU and all attorneys licensed in other states with three years of experience regardless of office or residence location or prior experience on the Cal bar exam.

Letter to BRC Commission March 29, 2022
Letter to BRC May 1, 2022